Treatment for Food Addiction

food addiction treatmentEnding a food addiction is a very difficult thing to do alone. Because food is a life necessity, it is available everywhere, and because it is a marketable commodity, reminders of food are everywhere. It takes an unprecedented discovery of will power to end a food addiction without help. That is why experts recommend reaching out for help from mental health professionals in order to end a food addiction. A severe food addiction is risky enough to warrant rehabilitation, as it can affect a person’s health, personal relationships and purpose. Residential rehabilitation could be the solution to your compulsive eating problem!
Upon arrival at an inpatient treatment center, a detoxification process will begin. Medications are less typical for a food addiction than they are for a drug or alcohol addiction, but a doctor may still prescribe a medication for a food addiction in some circumstances in order to suppress hunger cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification will include the incorporation of a balanced, reasonably portioned diet consisting of vitamins and nutrients that will begin to restore the body to its original health.
Counseling and monitoring require particular attention to how a food addiction is different from other addictions. Unlike drugs and alcohol, a food addiction is lifelong in some cases and much harder to break. There are people who have been overfed since they were very small who view overeating is a part of every day life. Helping a person rethink their patterns and choices on such a broad level requires specific knowledge of a food addiciton, which is why selecting a rehab that specializes in food addiction is essential. The addict will be exposed to modern treatment methods, group and individual counseling, workbook and reading exercises and therapeutic activities.
When treatment is complete, a good quality rehab will offer ongoing support in the form of counseling, meetings and other aftercare tactics to ensure the permanency of the addict’s recovery. Food addictions are powerful, but so is quality addiction treatment. If you or someone you know is struggling with a food addiction, make contact with a reputable rehabilitation center today.
If you are not addicted but struggle with an overeating problem, a viable treatment option is weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery removes or staples together part of the stomach so that the individual naturally craves smaller portions. This does not successfully curb an addiction problem, but can drastically reduce a person’s desire to overeat. Reputable weight loss surgery in Kelowna is available, as well as Vancouver and Kamloops. Ask your doctor if weight loss surgery is a good option for you.