The negative effects of junks to your health

Almost everyone loves junk foods and one of the reason is because of the pleasant taste of satisfaction it gives. If some people were given the chance, they will prefer eating junk foods as regular meals instead of home-cooked meals.  

One thing you need to know about junk foods is, they have low nutrients and they contain much calories from fats, sugars and starch. Due to this composition, they have little or nothing to offer when it comes to improving your health.

It is crucial to mention that junk foods is all inclusive, it refers to snacks, drinks and a host of others

Here are some negative effects of junks to your health:

  • Weight gain: Junk food makes you gain weight faster than normal food, and this could cause obesity in the process. Junk food tastes very good, so it is normal for you to always have cravings for them without bearing in mind that they are not the best for your health. ┬á
  • Learning and memory problems: A published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people who took only junk food for five days, had a poor performance when given cognitive tests that measured mood, speed and attention.

With this study, it was concluded that junk foods have a way of deteriorating your memory. The reason for this is, a poor diet causes some chemical reactions that induces inflammation in the hippocampus part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory.

  • Poor appetite: When you take more of junk food, you lose the appetite to eat home-cooked meals and this is a great disservice to yourself. The habit of eating junk food is similar to drug addiction when you have only cravings for drugs instead of home cooked meals.

There are other disadvantages of eating junk foods and certainly, it is correct to say that there are less merits than demerits of eating junk foods. One of the chronic causes is, too much junk food can lead to mental health problems like depression.